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Someone said the best way to guess the future is to plan for it and I agree. Being intentional about our lives down to the very basic things is the only way to predict a good one. I assume you want a good life.

How do you get intentional with your life? What is this quality of being intentional? To be intentional is to be deliberate about certain things, to be conscious of the decisions we take.

For me, I choose to be intentional with my life because it helps me develop the required capability to help people which in…

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Rainy days like today, as I look out of my room’s window, I can see the rain droplets falling fast. I hear it hitting the roof hard, almost unfriendly. As I wrap myself in my duvet and itemize my deliverables for the day, I am reminded of a time when rain or shine, I had to leave my house for the office at 5 am.

My mind drifts to a time before the Corona Virus pandemic when I would have had no choice but to get on the road and get to work. Getting to work, everyone would be wearing…


We live in a society where people are shamed for not knowing what the other person knows. I would have said not knowing enough but I have realized that there’s no such thing as knowing enough because knowledge is infinite.

This attitude stops people from seeking knowledge from their peers, from admitting that they do not know a particular thing and so they keep their mouth shut in their ignorance. Some even try to act smart to impress.

Today, my younger sister asked me, “have you heard of forex?” I type it like this because I instantly knew that was…

Iretiola, Iyanuoluwa

I am a writer — Medium, IG & Twitter and a Podcaster on the RMB Podcast with my friends. I also offer freelance and ghostwriting services

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